Darryl Dominguez | Thinking about learning to play the guitar?
guitarist, composer, teacher (505)-400-6217

guitarist, composer, teacher (505)-400-6217

Thinking about learning to play the guitar?

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Have you been thinking about learning to play the guitar? Not sure if you have the “talent” needed to get anywhere? In teaching people of all ages for 25+ years, I’ve never met someone who honestly couldn’t learn to play. Yes, some people were especially challenging. Yes, some people have more natural ability than others. But talent; i.e. natural ability, was never the dominating factor in their success as guitarists. What matters most is quite simple: the amount of desire one has to play the guitar and the commitment to regular practice. I often tell my students that “the more I practice, the more talented I become.” I’m not kidding! In fact, there is a growing body of scientific study that backs up my “humorous” statement (checkout “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin if you’re interested). Bottom line: you get what you put in.

So if you’ve always wanted to play but had doubts in your ability, ignore them and start playing. Set some small goals: learn a song, learn simple blues, etc. Find a good teacher who can guide you toward an achievable outcome. Take some guitar lessons and commit to a regular and easy practice schedule. My experience tells me you will surprise yourself!

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